Twisted Sista Straightening Creme

If you want to get hair straightening crème which also nourishes and moisturises your hair perfectly then you need to buy this. The crème is designed in a way that helps to smooth your hair and give you a relaxing feeling too as you see your hair not just straight but looking gorgeous too. Twisted Sista Straightening Creme protects your hair from heat styling, hydrates your hair and gives it shine too.

Twisted Sista Curl Activator

This product is definitely meant to give your curls a perfect look. It helps to define your curls naturally. It is non greasy and light weight and leave your curls soft and shiny. Twisted Sista Curl Activator works in a way that it activate the curls, add volume to your hair and works effectively. It is recommended for all hair types. Apply it on your hair and then run it through your wet hair from roots to tips. View complete article here

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